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About Us

TnyLnk Limited is a service dedicated to giving users an easy to use and welcoming experience, we offer many benefits over compeition, and below are some of the things we guarentee to all customers, no matter if they have a paid or non-paid account!


Keeping our products easy to use allows for a better experience and we encourage our staff to not over complicate things as well!


Keeping customers waiting can have negative affects on views and therefore we offer only our fastest speeds to all users!


We will always try be open about what data we store, how we store it and allow users to access their data at any time!


We will always try our hardest to store as little data as possible to function fully and will always store that data securely!


The features that we offer at TnyLnk are what set up apart from most, from our fast speeds to our easy to use panels, here are some of the features we offer to users!

Easy to reach and responsive staff members

We understand that in times of need there is a state of urgency to get help as quickly as possible and we plan to fullfil that need!

  • Super fast replies within 12 hours *
  • Easy to understand emails
  • * Based on working times of 10am and 7pm BST

24/7 availability

Checking up on how things are going is vital to a growing businesses and TnyLnk will always be there when you need it

At TnyLnk we allow all users to checkup on their account data at any time of the day without restirctions guarenteeing that you can make sure if what you're doing is working or not!

Peace of mind

There is no need to worry about if something has broken or not, at TnyLnk we are always monitoring our servers to make sure they're operating as normal, giving our users peace of mind that using TnyLnk is as easy as setting everything up, and then letting TnyLnk handle the rest!


Getting started with a TnyLnk paid account is super easy to do and only takes a few minutes! View everything we have to offer at competitve prices with in some cases an even better experience!


$0per month

  • Access to our dashboard
  • Unlimited shrink traffic
  • Access to basic analytics
  • Shrink up to 10,000 URLs
  • Add up to 1 custom domain
  • Up to 1,000,000 monthly API calls
  • No speed restrictions
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  • Add unlimited custom domains
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